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Article: Torras: Designs with premium materials

Torras: Diseños con materiales premium

Torras: Designs with premium materials

We were born with the mission of creating an innovative concept of leather and knitwear fashion, aimed at men and women seeking exclusive elegance. From the beginning, our goal has been to design for people who want to enhance their personality and seduce with their own style, beyond basic clothing items.

Throughout our 70-year legacy, the Torras brand has become a benchmark for luxury and elegance. We are leather and knit artisans, we use high quality materials and master the techniques that allow us to offer unique and exclusive products. That passion and dedication put into each garment is what has led us to remain in the hearts of our customers.

Since our beginnings, we have created exclusive garments for men and women looking to highlight their personal style. Many of us remember Torras because our parents or grandparents owned a leather jacket or knit sweater from the brand. These garments are full of memories and remain a part of our lives to this day. We have been dressing emotions through skin and knitwear for years.

The good quality and exclusivity of the materials allow you to enjoy our garments with classic and avant-garde designs for a lifetime, which has turned Torras into a living history of fashion and a benchmark for luxury clothing.

We are proud of our designation of origin Barcelona. Our values ​​include quality, authenticity, guarantee of exclusivity, originality in design, technical mastery and responsibility with the environment. We only use skins from the food industry, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development and respect for nature.

At Torras, we continue to apply the latest technology in the manufacturing of our garments. Our exclusive fabrics, unique cuts and perfectly outlined silhouettes are part of our recipe to create unforgettable garments that continue to seduce a new generation of fashion lovers, without neglecting our loyal customers.

A brand with history, tradition and vision of the future. Join the Torras family and discover the universe of emotions that only leather and knitwear can offer.

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