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Article: Torras: An expanding brand

Torras: Una marca en expansión

Torras: An expanding brand

Since its inception, Torras has been dedicated to satisfying those seeking exclusive elegance and their own unique style. Each of our garments reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterizes us.

One of the keys to Torras' success has been its commitment to innovation and quality . We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and processes to ensure that every garment that leaves our hands meets the highest standards. From material selection to design and tailoring, every step is done with care and precision to offer our customers the best of the best in luxury fashion.

Over the years, Torras has experienced great expansion in the international market. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has led to our garments being recognized and appreciated around the world. With a presence in multiple countries and an increasingly diverse customer base, we continue to grow and reach new horizons.

We care about the environmental and social impact of our brand, we believe in slow fashion and changing the paradigm of luxury fashion. It is this commitment to sustainability that has driven us to release a new and daring collection for women: Vegbiker by Torras. A collection that shows how Torras is a brand committed to sustainable practices at all stages. The vegetable tanning process based on the tannins of the wood of the trees, without using metals in this process, guarantees that this traditional leather tanning system is sustainable and respectful of the environment. We believe it is important to not only offer high quality products, but also to do so responsibly and ethically.

Torras is much more than an affordable luxury fashion brand. With more than seven decades of legacy, we continue to be an expanding brand thanks to our innovation, quality, commitment to sustainability and, above all, the loyalty and support of our customers. We are committed to continuing to offer experiences that inspire and delight all fashion lovers around the world.

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