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About Us

TORRAS, a brand founded in 1951, created an innovative concept of fashion in leather, leather and knitwear aimed at men and women who love exclusivity and elegance. Craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, and the uniqueness of the designs have made us, over the years, a benchmark in fashion. More than a fashion brand, we are a way of understanding life. A philosophy that stands for quality, design, exclusivity, and timelessness.

Today, we continue designing and manufacturing to create unforgettable, durable, and exclusive garments that earn a place in the hearts of our customers. Exclusive fabrics, unique cuts, and originality in the details are the ingredients that allow our customers to enjoy a second skin. A skin that tells stories. The masterful combination of leather and knitwear brings to life collections that go beyond fleeting trends. Each piece is an ode to lightness, comfort, and tranquility, which only the most select materials can provide. TORRAS allows for an unparalleled sensory experience, where each garment becomes a natural extension of our customer.


Exclusivity: We create pieces that result from unique designs, recognizable for the craftsmanship that has characterized us from the beginning when working with a noble material like leather. Whether alone or combined with other materials such as knitwear, leather is always present in creations that have become our icons and benchmarks.

Elegance: A blend of the classic and the avant-garde keeps us alive and allows us to inherit elegance throughout our legacy. It is good taste that imbues each of our garments with its identity.

Passion: We are passionate about well-crafted work, careful details, and beauty. Passion has led us to discover new materials, perfect techniques, and see the world. It is the driving force that has brought TORRAS jackets to over 150 countries.

Authenticity: The prestige of the authentic. At TORRAS, we are a brand with roots, true to ourselves and our values. This authenticity has been the key to earning recognition from our customers worldwide. It shines in every garment we produce, conveying the quality and elegance ingrained in our DNA.

Quality: The strength of our pieces lies in the pursuit of the highest quality materials to achieve a combination of tactile pleasure, comfort in use, and inimitable style. This way, our pieces have become durable and timeless, allowing us to offer customers special garments with which to build memories.

Freedom: The freedom to think, express, and act is linked to our entire trajectory and allows us to appreciate people's tastes and interpret fashion in our own way.

Our Story

Birth of an Iconic Brand


In the vibrant post-war Barcelona, where life was reinvented each dawn, TORRAS was born. Josefa Torras, along with her son Joan, founded the brand in the family home in Caldes de Montbui, preparing orders in their kitchen and selling them by bicycle throughout the province of Barcelona. Their beginnings were dedicated to knitwear, a product that aligned with the fashion trends coming from other countries. Since then, at TORRAS, we have continuously innovated to offer the best and most exclusive products to our customers.

Modernization of a generation


With the arrival of the 1960s, TORRAS established itself as a leading brand on the national and international scene. In this decade, we decisively embraced innovation in materials, design, and product—a trait that has never left us. We incorporated new jacquard knitting machines, which allowed for the application of new canvases of colors, textures, openwork, and materials in our designs, and we focused on creating combined pieces. Thanks to this innovation, we managed to captivate a generation that sought to stay ahead of trends and express their personality with our pieces.

Brand Expansion


The 1970s were years filled with social changes and economic upheavals that led to the modernization of our brand and the expansion of our facilities, which had already become too small. Thus, we not only consolidated ourselves in Spain but also opened up to the international market, initiating our commitment to internationalization, something we have continued to pursue ever since. Our first steps in the United States and Japan were the precursor to a commitment to new markets that led us to adapt to the tastes of customers in each country and establish ourselves as a benchmark firm on the international stage. We adapted to the new times with bold and innovative collections, without compromising on the highest quality and craftsmanship as always.

Generational Renewal, Maintaining Commitment to Quality


In the 1980s, social changes led to a significant increase in demand for leather jackets. There was hardly a man or woman who did not desire to have a leather jacket, skirt, or pants. TORRAS welcomed the new generations of the family, which helped boost the brand, consolidating us as a luxury and elegance brand by incorporating garments made entirely of leather into the collection. Pieces crafted with the finest leathers and the best patterns became a symbol of distinction and exclusivity.

Reinventing Leather in a Global Market


In the 1990s, with the onset of globalization and the emergence of new technologies, the fashion world underwent a transformation. At TORRAS, we expanded our presence in the Asian market (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong), where leading luxury stores sold our increasingly innovative products. Thus, once again, we reinvented the world of leather fashion. The introduction of the leather cardigan with knitwear applications was an innovation created in our workshops that quickly became a trend. Since then, our collections have conquered the most prestigious fashion capitals, from New York and London to Moscow and Shanghai. Over 150 top-tier stores showcase these unique pieces, silent witnesses to a story that is written with every stitch.

Reinterpreting Our Legacy


In the 2000s, characterized by the rise of technological culture and the advent of the Internet, our brand underwent a significant transformation. This period marked the arrival of e-commerce and borderless globalization, influencing fashion and turning it into a multicultural showcase where trends were constantly reinvented. In response to these changes, we renewed our brand by reinterpreting our legacy with a modern and contemporary approach. We introduced more functional and technical fabrics into our collections, always maintaining our essence of timeless, elegant, and exceptionally high-quality designs.

Evolution towards a Total Look


The decade of the 2010s marked a milestone in TORRAS' history: our brand expanded its catalog to offer a total look. This strategic decision not only meant an expansion in the product offering but also the consolidation of a global brand concept. New designs, new ideas, new forms of expression: we embarked on a creative journey without forgetting our legacy. Leather, a fundamental element of our DNA, was combined with other materials to give life to versatile and elegant garments that adapt to any occasion. The brand became a benchmark for those seeking more than just clothing; they seek a way of life.

Our Reinvention, Maintaining the Legacy


There are times when, whether we want it or not, a pause becomes the excuse to move forward. The pandemic changed the world, society, values, and the way we relate to each other. TORRAS took a pause to come back stronger than ever. Starting from 2020, the brand resurges with the infusion of new energy which, combined with the family legacy, reinforces more than ever its commitment to exclusive fashion, full of design and quality. Thus, innovation and design are maintained in the collections for men and women; new collections designed with sustainability in mind are introduced; new materials are explored; customer service is improved; a new digital ecosystem is created, and we continue to tell stories through our garments. Another step towards consolidating this experience, this lifestyle, this reality called TORRAS.


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